Perspective Is Everything

Seeing your organization from the perspective of your customer allows you to design and deliver memorable experiences that create and retain customers.


HOW people buy your products or services is now at least as important as WHY.

Unfortunately, most businesses think they are doing a better job at delivering great experiences than they actually are.

Even if you only sell products, your Customer Experience is still a key advantage.

For example, there is a lot of design behind the experience of buying a Starbucks coffee.

Focusing on improving your Customer Experience is a smart, sustainable, and profitable business practice.

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.*

*Harvard Business Review

How We Can Help

If you have any of the following questions or concerns, then we can help.

strategic issues

Strategic Issues

We’re doing well, now what’s next?
Where do we invest in order to grow?
What do our customers want?
We have a new product, what’s next?
How should we communicate with our customers?
Is our new product or service idea a good idea?
There is a lot of competition, how are we different?
How can we make it easier to buy from us?
Our customers expect more, now what?
We can’t afford to invest in the wrong thing.

Product or Process issues

Product or Process Issues

What we are doing isn’t working.
Is there a better way to do business?
We try different things but get the same results.
The way we’ve always done it no longer works.
We need to do more with the same or less.
Our business is too disorganized and stressful.
My work/life balance is out of control.
Business is frustrating and isn’t fun.
People and departments aren’t working together.

Execution issues

Execution Issues

We are inconsistent.
We have trouble attracting & retaining customers.
We are receivng too many complaints.
We have trouble making our plans work.
We have problems getting leads.
Our departments aren’t always in sync.
We really struggle when things go wrong.
We don’t always do the right thing at the right time.
We have problems getting referrals.
Our Net Promoter Score is low.

Learn more about the types of clients with whom we work

We at Solace Roll Screens are an up and coming small manufacturer with big aspirations of growing our business. As we focused on the day to day operations of business, we did not have the time or people to dedicate to make this happen.

Now that we are working with Nucleus Strategies, we know that the Solace Screens brand is in good hands. The best part of our relationship with Nucleus Strategies is that they took the time to understand what was important to me and my business, and developed programs together with our team, workshopping every key milestone with us.

Thanks to Nucleus Strategies, our business is getting a lot of awareness, our leads have increased, and our sales have never been better.Mike Wessel, Owner, Solace Roll Screens

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