Foundations Customer Experience Package


Per Month, 1yr contract
  • pricing is based off of an avg. of 4 hrs/month of work
    and is ideal for small organizations that want to improve the customer experience for:
  • One location or business unit
  • One product line or service
  • One type of customer

Make the right decisions

Focusing on what your customers' value provides direction that removes all guesswork from your decision-making process on how and where to invest your time and money.

Get what you’re worth

Creating exceptional experiences means you don’t compete on price.

Deliver what you promise

High expectations and a wide range of choices for customers emphasize the need for you to deliver a superior experience every time.

What You Can Expect



We understand that your business doesn't run on our schedule. We are flexible with our time to meet with you when it suits your schedule, regardless of the time of day, or day of the week, our office or yours.


You know your business far better than we ever will. We collaborate with you and your team to facilitate practical changes designed to provide the best solutions to fit your business. We don't believe in one-size-fits all solutions.

Not Another "Add-on"

This program doesn't add more strain to your resources. Understanding your customer and employees' perspectives complements and accelerates your existing agendas by improving efficiencies and validating your decisions.

Profit Through Love

You don't have to add a single new customer to reap the benefits of this program and grow your bottom-line. We help you increase retention rates, increase share-of-wallet and achieve maximum return on investment on your customer experience efforts.

Program Outline

The Customer Experience Program provides your organization with continuous progress. Each month, we work with your team to design, develop, and implement your Customer Experience Strategy.

Month 1

Understand You & Your Business

  • Key Stakeholder interviews

  • Employee kick-off event

  • Implement surveys - customers, employees, management

Month 2

Understand Your Employees

  • Gather survey results

  • Analyze survey results

  • Present and review survey results

Month 3

Understand Your Customers

  • Define customer personas

  • 5 Dimensions of Customer Experience Benchmark

Month 4

Visualize Your Customers' Journey

  • Create Customer Empathy Map

  • Customer Journey Map Workshop

  • Digitize Journey Map

  • Review Journey Map insights

Month 5

Create Your Roadmap For Success

  • 5 Dimension Analysis

  • Create Customer Experience Roadmap

  • Review Roadmap

Month 6

Visualize Your Current Customer Experience

  • Experience Blueprint Workshop

  • Digitize Blueprint

  • Review Blueprint insights

Month 7

Prioritize & Begin To Design An Improved Experience

  • Prioritization Workshop

  • Ideas Workshop

  • Design prototypes

  • Implement tests

Month 8

Test New Ideas With Customers & Employees

  • Measure prototypes

  • Review

  • Iterate

Month 9

Choose The Best Ideas & Implement Widely

  • Review Tests

  • Iterate

  • Implement widely

Month 10

Continue Towards An Improved Experience

  • Ideas Workshop

  • Design Prototypes

  • Implement Tests

Month 11

Test New Ideas With Customers & Employees

  • Measure prototypes

  • Review

  • Iterate

Month 12

Choose The Best Ideas, Implement Widely, & Celebrate Progress

  • Review tests

  • Iterate

  • Implement Widely

  • Annual Review

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