We help organizations consistently create & retain customers using a collaborative and visual approach that ties directly to what their customers value and experience.

man looking at maze with correct path indicated leading to money

Make the right decision, every time.

Focusing on what your customers' value provides direction that removes all guesswork from your decision-making process.

Test ideas cost effectively & rapidly
Avoid costly mistakes
Base decisions on facts, not assumptions or opinions
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Deliver what you promise, every time.

High expectations and a wide range of choices for customers emphasize the need for you to deliver a superior experience every time.

Increase referrals by 150%
Increase retention rates by 20%
Increase sales by 25%
Reduce the cost of customer acquisition by 50%
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Get what you’re worth, every time.

Creating exceptional experiences means you don’t compete on price.

Charge premium prices for your products/services
Increase margins by 15%
Reduce marketing costs by 50%
Shorten your sales cycle by 20%
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Unfortunately, most businesses think they are doing a better job at delivering great experiences than they actually are.

Customer Experience Design CONSISTENTLY:

Delivers Memorable Experiences

Saves Time & Money

Builds a Culture of Innovation

Creates Distinction From Your Competition

Creates & Retain Customers

The Team

James Grieve


James has 20 years of business experience leading teams, managing projects, and consulting organizations on strategies related to business development, marketing, client relationship management, and business planning. James began his professional career in the gaming industry and has worked in manufacturing and consulting for small and medium sized businesses. James has an MBA from Royal Roads University, and is also a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), and a Certified Sales Professional (CSP). James has a keen interest in personal development and community involvement, and volunteers his time by mentoring business students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Sean Shepherd


Sean has extensive experience in design, project management, integrating and managing technology, communications, marketing, and strategic planning. Sean’s skill set includes visual design, interaction design, user experience design, and customer experience design and is a Certified Usability Expert (CUA), Information Architect (IA), and Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). Always committed to furthering his education, Sean is continuing his studies with a Masters in Information Design and Strategy through Northwestern University where he is writing his thesis on Experience Design.

Create Memorable Experiences For Your Customers

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