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Digital marketing is the key to improving your dealer’s performance and increasing your sales. However, with so many options available it is difficult to both choose from and manage a whole bunch of vendors.

With access to industry-leading vendors with a multitude of skills, Nucleus Strategies provides accountability, scalability, and flexibility to your digital marketing through only one point of contact.

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We Understand Manufacturers

With over 25 years of working in the manufacturing industry, we have the experience and expertise to provide practical and proven solutions for the things that you want and need:

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Improve Dealer Performance

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Grow the Quality & Quantity of Your Leads

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Increase Your Sales

Your customers have changed the way they shop for your products.

Their decision to purchase from you is no longer only about salespeople, showrooms and sample kits; it’s about smartphones, social media, and finding a local dealer from whom to buy.

Consumers have changed the way they shop; it's about smartphones, social media, and local retailers
The Buyer's Journey is now a labyrinth not a funnel

As a result, the buying process is no longer linear.

Prospects don’t just enter at the top of the sales funnel; instead, they come in at any stage, they often jump stages, stay in a stage indefinitely, or move back and forth between them.

With so many options available, digital marketing requires time, experience, and expertise to manage.

Your local dealers are simply not equipped to execute your brand messaging in the ways your customers expect.

We design, develop, manage & maintain local websites, local social media channels, and provide local content marketing for key regions in your market

We work with you to augment your existing marketing with a digital marketing strategy that gets results.

We design, develop, manage & maintain local websites, local social media channels, and provide local content marketing for key regions in your market.

We help you and your dealers engage with customers earlier, qualify them better, and increase your leads.

We attract curious customers to your brand locally, socially, and through mobile, convert them to leads, and help close them into customers.

We partner with Hubspot to attract, convert, close, and delight your customers
We do not strain your internal resources of time, scope, and cost

Best of all, we do this without straining your internal resources.

We allow you to focus on what you do best; acquiring more dealers, building great products, and growing your business.


Learn How Nucleus Strategies helped Talius Acquire 10 High Performance Dealers and Increase Sales by 15% or $300,000 for Only $1,000 Spent in Email Marketing

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James Grieve


James has 20 years of business experience specializing in business development, marketing, client relationship management, branding, and business planning for clients in the manufacturing industry. James is passionate about life, learning, and business. Living by the mantra of making each day better than the last, James has a keen interest in personal development, staying active, reading, and giving back to the community. In his spare time he can be found enjoying the outdoors and teaching and mentoring business students and aspiring entrepreneurs.n.

Sean Shepherd


Sean has spent the past 15 years working in and around communications. After a successful academic career in theoretical linguistics and cultural theory, he began his career in publishing and copywriting before pursuing graphic design. He’s worked for brands and agencies of all shapes and sizes – from Microsoft and SAP to Maxim Magazine. These days, when he’s not skiing, playing soccer, or making strange multi-media stories, Sean avidly pursues the intersection of all his intellectual passions – Information Architecture and U/X Design.



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